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Farm products

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Land husbandry and fish farming, the Brenne has given rise to products which are strongly influenced by the land and to numerous products from the farms.

To discover them, there is nothing like going directly to the producers who may sell you their own products as well as explain the manufacturing processes and perhaps even show you round their farms.

To find the list of producing farmers who are members of the Natural Regional Park of the Brenne, just click this link.

In summer you can enjoy the "marché à la ferme" (the farmers' markets) in order to discover new products and fill your basket in a different and amusing way.


 In Le Blanc

  • La Ferme des Ages

Productor of farmer goat's cheese A.O.P Pouligny-saint-Pierre
Sale in the farmer from Monday to Saturday 8.30 to 11.30 (except public holiday)
  Visit of the explotation by appointment from Monday to Saturday 14.00 to 17.00

  Les Ages
  36300 LE BLANC
  Tél : 02 54 37 23 43
  Mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  • Fish Brenne

Sale of entire carp or like fresh or cured fillets and brown bullhead, arctic char in fresh or cured filet and cooked eels.
You can also find the sold product in the Parc House and in local shops.

Les Ages 
36300 LE BLANC 
Tél : 02 54 37 23 43


  • Pascal DELAUME

Vegetable field, winter vegetable, horticultural part (vegetable patch and flower bed).
Direct sale on place from Monday to Sunday midday

Av. Pierre Mendès-France
36300 Le Blanc
Tél : 02 54 37 34 01




Agenda des manifestations

Carte interactive





Office de Tourisme du Blanc**
22 place de la libération
36300 LE BLANC.
tel : 02 54 37 05 13
fax : 02 54 37 31 93